Color Guard

Color Guard

Color Guard is a team sport that involves dance and flag routines that is performed alongside our award winning marching band. It is a competitive sport that performs during football games, pep rallies, parades, and competitions. Color Guard season is the first semester periods 0 and 1, from August to December and fulfills students’ LAUSD visual and performing arts requirements, along with a half-semester of PE credits per year.

Flags & Weapon Line


All beginners start on the flag line. This includes learning flag basics from drop spins to tosses. The flags are the basis of our shows and add color to everything we do.

Weapon Line

Weapon line consists of spinning rifles and sabres. While this may seem scary, all color guards do this with kids as young as 7 years old. The weapons are not real.


Rifle is a piece of wood shaped like a rifle that is spun. This is the introductory piece of the weapon line.


Sabre is a more advanced piece of weaponry. It is a metal blade with a cage at the end. It is spun with gloves to avoid injury.

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